It’s premiere night at the Hoffman Center in Alexandria and the Trekkies have come out in full force, and as I sit here in full view of the theater’s entrance, I cannot help to wonder if I ever seen a big person (other than Scotty who was more muscular than anything else) on the Starship Enterprise. They must have had one hell of a fitness facility. Tucked away in a relatively small food court between the movie theater and some government facility, sits a bevy of great restaurant choices for foodies, or if public smoochin and holding hands is your thing, it’s also good for you lovers seeking dinner and a movie. Parking gets pretty rough on big premier nights at the theater, but the Eisenhower Avenue metro stop is conveniently located less than a block away.

So I decided to venture out, with my lil sis and brother-in-law in toe, and head out to Delia’s Mediterranean Grill and Brick Oven Pizza. I’ll have to say even though I made reservations beforehand, It didn’t seem all that crowded for a Friday night. The contemporary feel of the decor was quite pleasing but the lack of space made it seem claustrophobic, almost to the point where the couple sitting next to us was invading our personal space. The dress code was pretty casual and I mean casual. The dude next to me looked like he just got done fishing. C’mon son, you can do better than that. This ain’t Red Lobster. The soft color tones and warm lighting surrounding the room were comforting, but despite the fuzzy feeling I felt inside, the high volume of chit chat overshadowed the cozy ambiance and killed the mood.


Pizza Knuckles . . . damn!


Gyritos! Happy birthday to me!


Naan with black olive and mystery pate.

The menu was very well laid out and presented with a brief description of all the dishes, including the appetizers. The waiter was very knowledgeable . . . wait, oh hell no! Was that a big brotha in a bright yellow Star Trek suit, that I know damn well he’s had since he was 14 years old? Sorry, that totally threw me off course. Anyway, the waiter gave us some great recommendations and the all around service was excellent. If you like pizza, I would highly recommend either ordering a pizza or getting the pizza knuckles as an appetizer. The pizza sauce is amazing and all that heaven is wrapped in a melt-in-your mouth dough similar to a crescent. Oh good lord! We also ordered the Greek version of Mexican taquitos called gyritos. Wow! Just imagine a lamb gyro wrapped in a crispy tortilla. I almost smacked my sister they were so good. I hope to God I never see these in the frozen food section of my local grocier. Then the main course showed up just when I thought it couldn’t get any better. The grilled lamb chops were presented well and stacked on top of some mash and broccolini marinated in olive oil, lemon, and garlic. The meat was cooked to perfection and well combined with the veggies. Even though I only had a tiny bite, my selfish-ass sister’s grab cakes were pretty good, but I will say, if you’re not a big fan of having lemon unjustifiably squirted on your fish or shellfish I would ask them to hold off on the lemon dill sauce.

Despite the loudness and cramped layout, I will definitely be coming back to Delia’s and trying another dish. Well time to head into darkness ’cause and I just came down with the Trek sweats. Kirk out!


Grilled Lamb Chops


Crab Cakes

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